All Foxes Aside

I know that you think I am fox obsessed. And you might be right. But I thought that I would post something a little bit different today.

More than Honey

This is a fascinating documentation about the bee die off. And while the film is from 2012 it still a gripping and informative look at the modern beekeeping practices that take place around the world. The way bees are kept here in the US, and our misconception about the “killer bee” was covered in great depth. While the film makers captured some simply amazing and captivating imagery of bees.

A co-worker of mine is a hobby bee keeper, and he produces some delicious honey that I get the privilege to enjoy. And he is also the one that suggested the documentary for family-movie night. Though for smaller children the overall message might be harder to conceptualize there are plenty of points in the film that even they will be able to understand the importance of bees in our world.

There were so many aspects of the bee that I was completely unaware of, should probably explore in a more in-depth manner. For example I did not know that the male bees are actually clones of the queen. And while that sounds incredible, the fact that she lays 2000 eggs a day – a replacement for the bees that die each day – her own body weight.

You can learn more about the film on IMDB and the Wikipedia article that I linked in further in the review.

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