Welcome to Fox Folk! If you haven’t guessed it yet we’re fox people. No, that doesn’t mean that we are anthropomorphic fox/human mixtures, we just really love the fox, with all of its quirks and characteristics. What should you expect from the site? They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true then the following galleries are the length of a short book.

Fox Images

Fox Themed Fun

There are many ways that the incredible fox inspires us and encourage our imagination. They fit into our lives and find their way in the most interesting places. It is no wonder that the fox is often used as imagery for a wide variety of aspects of our lives, from the baby shower, birthday, to rustic wedding invitations for a wide range of ages and audiences, a fox is the fitting companion. Here is what I mean. To see bigger versions of the the pictures click on the gallery to expand it.

Much of my wardrobe is nudged in this direction, too. This doesn’t mean I run around like an old woman, there are many fashionable ways to express your love for our red headed friends. For cute and funky winter hats and scarves to the basic essence of the the foxes nature. This includes using their unique and easily recognized color scheme to the more subtle aspects of the animals nature. There are plenty of ways to express yourself. I intend to add things that inspire me, or that I find interesting and fun as I build the site.

Expect this gallery and the others as well to grow over time.

Fox themed invitation

The interest for the fox began for us, as with most people when we were young. When you are young you can focus on things in a different light than when you are an adult, and things like “favorite animal” don’t seem so strange. If somebody asked me know what my favorite animal is you know what I would reply. But had I never made the experience, never taken the time to contemplate this as a child I would have not been able to answer the question. And I would have more than likely looked at the person as a little strange. “Why would they ask such a strange question,” I would think before I continued on with my daily routine.

But why is it strange? As you can see from the photos I have added to the page there is a beauty and a charm from the different aspects of the fox. You could say it is part cat and little wolf. And in fact they have a personality that could be likened to both of those species.

The fox is often cast in an unflattering light. A sly and mischievous character that has had the misfortune to be labeled a thief and a killer. How many people worried their hen house would be raided by a fox, or similar horror scenarios?

Their is a good reason for this, and it is simply because the average fox is clever and lives according to the options the world around it has to offer.

This is why it isn’t uncommon to find stray, I say stray because to be wild they would have to be afraid of humans, in camping ground where they know they might get a handout or two. They live within the boundaries that their world creates and humans provide a bountiful opportunity to live comfortably. A well protected hen house is only well protected until the fox figures out how to get inside. We’ve created the environment that many wild animals find themselves in. And because we created it we expect them to stay out. But it doesn’t work like that, and the fox shows that no matter how hard we try they are a part of the world that we live in, and they will accept the handouts that we make no matter if it is of freewill or not.

Anywhere where people live in close contact with nature you will find a blending, and we can either look at this as a blessing or a burden. The challenge a fox provides is a small one to all of the benefits this cute little predator brings with it.

This website is a personal one so don’t expect much in the way of preachy fox conservation, you should bring this with you. Instead you should bring an appreciation for the fox and an appetite for discovery. I look forward to your company and together we can share a few minutes in awe as we appreciate what God has created.